The Power Of Personal Relationships In Growing Development

Personal development can often be a gray area with differing opinions about what may or may not work when it comes to making oneself better.  This can be applicable for those looking for personal growth as well as business growth.  An interesting point of view comes from the team at Huffington Post, whereby they take the angle of the importance that a romantic partner plays.  This is a viewpoint that has recently shared by other thought leaders such as Mas Sajady,  and Mehmet OzContinue reading

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Family Lawyers Portraying Unrealistic Expectations

Family Lawyers Need To Explain Things Clearly

It seems some people may be misled with the notion that getting a divorce is something that can happen quick time.  Divorce is an emotionally challenging time for all involved, and as such, the added misconception of a quick resolution is only making an already fragile situation worse.   This can only get more complex when a situation involves additional parties such as the rights for grandparents as was identified by DC Lawyers, a family lawyer Perth local business.

A Gold Coast legal professional says some family lawyers may be creating “unrealistic expectations” and “long-term problems among separating couples” by offering catchy gimmicks instead of quality service.

“Divorce your partner and move on, all in a day. Out with the old and in with the new – simple consumerist rhetoric that pays no regard or respect for the complexity of human relationships. The reality is a lot more complex than that and to suggest otherwise is not only a gimmick, but dangerously misleading,”  Continue reading

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Perth Economy Turning Around Like The Titanic

It’s a common viewpoint that the WA economy is starting to turn for the better, however it may take years for WA to get back on its feet, led by local Perth business sectors such as Perth restaurants, construction, and an increase in demand for services such as real estate agents.

Deloitte Access recently released a report predicting that the recent improvement driven by a combination of an increase in demand for local Perth business offerings, as well as an increase in commodity prices has eased the reduction in the WA economy, which will have a flow on effect to wage increases.

In recent times the Perth economy has been weighed down by a contraction effect, resulting in unemployment increasing to 6.5%.  This also contributed to massive increases in commercial property vacancy and a decrease in the housing market value.

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Cost Savings With Employee Retention

One of the most underutilised methods to increase revenue and minimising costs is that of increasing employee retention.  Depending upon what source you site, it can cost up to 10 times more to hire a new employee than investing in making your current staff members never want to leave.  This can take the form of individual rewards such as bonuses, incentives, or pay rises, or a collective approach that looks to provide a positive impact on the entire organisation, such as flexible working hours, increased staff recreational resources, or a uniquely designed office fitout that provides a collaborative environment, or one that delivers higher productivity.   Continue reading

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Your Guttering Questions Answered

Deciding On The Best Guttering Design For The Home

Nothing lasts forever. Fundamentally full time comes once your gutters become dreary or ineffective.  They are a direct reflection of your home so you need a new guttering system that’s equally practical.

Prevention Assists With Long Term Life

Whenever choosing a brand new guttering system, the very first thing to consider is what issues the previous gutters triggered that you simply absolutely wish to avoid this time around round?

Following are a few typical roofing and guttering issues that if you take the time to consider, can easily be avoided, saving you time, money and heartache. Continue reading

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Celebrating the Coming Of Age – Limousine Style

How To Celebrate

The coming of age for young men and women – arrive in style with a luxurious limousine service . Truly a spectacular day to be celebrated by all members in the community! In celebrations such as these there is no surprise that the families will go to great lengths to proudly parade their son or daughter with a spectacular event for all to remember. Surely the family will want to travel in the most luxurious limousine accompanied by a highly professional chauffeur.  If this idea resonates with you, you need to find a quality limousine hire company.  Most companies will provide a free quote for your son or daughter’s memorable night. Continue reading

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