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Family Lawyers Portraying Unrealistic Expectations

Family Lawyers Need To Explain Things Clearly

It seems some people may be misled with the notion that getting a divorce is something that can happen quick time.  Divorce is an emotionally challenging time for all involved, and as such, the added misconception of a quick resolution is only making an already fragile situation worse.   This can only get more complex when a situation involves additional parties such as the rights for grandparents as was identified by DC Lawyers, a family lawyer Perth local business.

A Gold Coast legal professional says some family lawyers may be creating “unrealistic expectations” and “long-term problems among separating couples” by offering catchy gimmicks instead of quality service.

“Divorce your partner and move on, all in a day. Out with the old and in with the new – simple consumerist rhetoric that pays no regard or respect for the complexity of human relationships. The reality is a lot more complex than that and to suggest otherwise is not only a gimmick, but dangerously misleading,”  Continue reading

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